Welcome to Bathing Beauty

George Jones, founder of Bathing Beauty


Welcome to Bathing Beauty. nice to meet you, come on in and have a look around.

If you re looking for super clean skincare you are in the right place.

Here at Bathing Beauty, we like to do things differently.

We are focused on delivering solutions to a variety of skincare issues.

We do not believe in selling you a range of different concoctions, when one well formulated product would do the same job.


As you would expect we are registered with both The Vegan and The Vegetarian Society and are cruelty free..

Every skincare product is mindfully manufactured at The Source, using organic, Fairtrade,wild harvested or homegrown ingredients

It is an incredible place, a Victorian cartshed, nestling in the foothills of The Clwydian Range.

Bathing Beauty is often likened to The Slow Food movement. We take the finest ingredients to create our therapeutic skincare products. Many of them taking weeks to make.

And personal Ladies Shave Oil contains skin healing Calendula

Wonderful skin healing Calendula

And personal Ladies Shave Oil containsHypericum Perforatum , it's flowering tops produce a incredible anti inflammatory oil

A Hypericum Seedling, first sign of Spring.

Of course there are short cuts; outsourcing production, using melt and pour or pre prepared bases, adding water to products………

But this is not for us.

The powers that be, and big business advisors tell us it can’t be done….. “The public don’t really care……..people can’t tell the difference………

But, we think they are wrong.

We believe, that like us, you do care.

We believe that you do care if your products are thinned with the addition of water, that you do care if they contain parabens, sulphates or palm oil , or other ” naturally derived ” additives.

We are here for you, ready to help or guide you through our product range.

So don’t be shy, if you have a question get in touch

++ 44(0)1824790641


Twitter: @Bathingbeauty1