George Loves

George Jones, Founder of Bathing Beauty has brought together a carefully curated, capsule collection of her most loved brands and products for you to discover and enjoy.

All these products have been hand picked by George, and reflect her and her company’s values.

Fil Blanc

George first discovered the many uses for sarongs when she travelled the world working as a model in her early 20’s

She is delighted to bring you a  beautiful range from Fil Blanc, a small family business based in Southern Turkey. They weave  traditional Turkish Sarongs  made from Oeko-Tex certified Cotton.

Besides the many uses these sarongs provide and the beautiful range of colours available, using a sarong instead of a bath towel has the following benefits:

  • Fil Blanc sarongs dry 5 times faster than a terry towel, making them ideal for use at the swimming pool or on a  beach holiday
  • Fil Blanc production does not use any harmful pesticides, chemicals or fertilisers
  • Turkish cotton has a longer fibre, which creates a softer, fluffier  absorbant “towel” ideal for use at home or when travelling 
  • Turkish sarongs are more ecologically friendly, they require less water and less detergent to clean them.
  • Multi use- wear them as a skirt, dress, top hat or scarf.
  • They make a great beach mat, bag and impromptu baby carrier.

EcoBath London

Another great Turkish family run company that George discovered several years ago at a trade fair. Eco Bath Harvest their own Loofahs in Southern Turkey to hand craft bath and body products inspired by the traditional Turkish Baths.

George was fascinated to see photos of their farm and to discover that loofah’s were a vine plant! 

Eco Bath was the perfect choice for the new shop at The Source, and complements the Bathing Beauty Range perfectly.

Seed Balls

Founded by two conservation scientists, on a mission to fill the world with more wild flowers starting with your garden!

George first met Emily several years ago at a trade fair they were both exhibiting at. Attracted by Seedballs “indoor” garden stand they soon bonded over their companies common eco credentials and ethos.

When George open the shop at The Source, Seedballs was one of the first products that they stocked.

Eye catching, effective, and easy to use, the products make the perfect gift for the Eco Conscious Consumer. 

Mr Fitzpatrick’s Cordials

When Bathing Beauty was in it’s infancy, George would spend most nights hand making her products on her kitchen table, before spending weekends out on the Artisan Markets in Cheshire.

It was at these markets that George first tasted Mr Fitzpatrick’s Cordials, they come from the last Temperance Bar in Lancashire.

Drawn to the eye catching traditional branding, charmed by their back story and won over by their array of delicious flavours, George was adamant that Mr Fitzpatrick’s Cordials would be her drink of choice in The Cafe, and available to purchase in the Shop at The Source.

If are are unfortunate enough to live too far away to visit The Source, we are pleased to be able to offer you these products by mail order.


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