Anoint Facial Oil for Shy Skin

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For normal, dry or sensitive skin.


Anoint Facial Oil for Shy Skin

Anoint Facial Ol For Shy Skin is 100% natural.

Cold pressed and raw blended Borage Seed Oil, is one of the highest sources of Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA) and an anti inflammaotry action. Pomegranate Seed Oil, is a strong anti oxident, anti iflammatory and intensively nourishing.

Pure Roman Chamomile and Mandarin essential oils, are both calming and soothing.

Perfect For normal, dry or sensitive skin. Or those with allergies.

With nourishing Borage and Pomegranate oils, and calming and soothing Mandarin and Roman Chamomile essential oils. Feedback is suggesting that this oil is proving to be well tolerated by those eczema

INGREDIENTS: Vitis Vinefera, Borago Officinalis (borage oil), Punica Granatum ( pomegranate oil), Citrus Reticulata (mandarin oil), Anthemis Nobilis, (chamomile oil), *limonene, *linalool, *geraniol*, * naturally occuring in essential oils

Gently press on to your face, neck and under eye are ( not eyelid).
Do not use in conjunction with steroid cream.

As ever, free from water, preservatives and chemical additives.
Not Tested on Animals.

30 ml e

2 thoughts on “Anoint Facial Oil for Shy Skin

  1. This is an excellent face oil. It is easily absorbed and not greasy. It smells very faintly of mandarin, a lovely and not over powering scent. It comes in a sweet glass bottle. The cap shuts properly so you don’t end up with spilt oil when you are travelling.
    I am in my early 50’s with skin that always used to feel very tight and dehydrated. I also had regular flare ups of angry and swollen spots. After using this oil, together with the universal cleansing oil, my skin was noticeably softer and less tight (immediately) and the spots gradually disappeared over the first month. The bottle of shy oil has lasted 3 months and my skin is still looking and feeling good.
    The description recommends 6-8 drops of oil but 3-4 drops is perfect for me.
    I have tried other facial oils by ‘REN’ and ‘Pai’ and ‘Balance Me’ and Shy Oil is the one that works best for me.
    I love that this product is vegan, contains only a few natural ingredients and is from a microproducer. Thank you Bathing Beauty.

  2. I have used the Wise Facial Oil before and loved it – and recently got the Shy Skin Facial Oil as a gift, and Oh My Word – I love it so much! I use 5-6 drops of it after cleansing, layer it under my usual moisturiser and the result is Fabulous. In the morning my skin feels soft and smooth, and the oil gives my skin a beautiful ‘sheen’. Thanks Bathing Beauty!

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