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Gauntlet protective barrier hand salve is 100% natural.  

A wonderfully nourishing blend of Fair trade Shea buttter, and organic Avocado oil, which penetrates the skin and enhances it’s natural barrier.

Rosemary essential oil provides antiseptic properties, and infused calendula oil imparts fabulous skin healing qualities.

How to Use:

Rub a pea sized amount of our super concentrated Gauntlet onto the back of your hands.  Draw the residue down the fingers into the palms. For best results follow this process twice a day but remember with this super concentrated balm less is more. 

30 ml e

INGREDIENTS: Butyrospermum  Parkii( Fair Trade Shea butter), Persea Gratissima, ( Organic Avocado oil) Calendula officinalis ( Calendula oil)  Cera Alba ( Beeswax) Rosemarinus Officinalis, (Rosemary Essential oil) *limonene *linalool . * occurs naturally in essential oils


Gauntlet Protective Barrier Hand Salve

This hand salve is deeply nourishing and super concentrated.  Due to the absence of water there is no need for the addition of preservatives. 

In cold weather, Gauntlet keeps your hands warm as there is no water to chill against your skin.

Popular with gardeners, runners, horse riders, dog walkers and anyone suffering with dry, sore hands!  

So impressed with Gauntlet hand salve’s skin healing effects, expedition leader Andy Chapman has taken it on expedition to Antarctica.

Also popular with the outdoor enthusiast is our protective face salve, Balaclava 



  1. linda.pearson

    I would give this more stars if I could. Have previously bought direct and took it up Everest twice, Annapurna and Kanchenjunga as well as lots of smaller mountains. It has been without doubt the best I have ever used. Husband also using to repair his hands as we work on taking down old wall in garden. Brilliant he even bought the last batch of 3 tins for me!

  2. Kate O’Brien (verified owner)

    I purchased this Hand Salve for someone who works for the water industry, so works outside and their hands get wet many times a day; they have very rough and sore hands, with many splits on the ends of their fingers. After applying this salve only 3 times so far, their hands are SO much better already, and the splits are healing nicely. Thanks so much Bathing Beauty! XX

  3. Jackie O

    This stuff is amazing; like witchcraft!. Wounds take ages to heal on me due to some of the medications I take as well as slower healing related to ageing. 8 days ago I sustained several small cuts while at a guides and brownies holiday doing fun outdoorsy stuff. After the holiday I bought a tin of Gauntlet salve 6 days ago and have been using it at least twice a day ever since. All but the largest cut on my hands are fully healed over and even the large one is almost sorted. I have also had a small area on my head that bleeds when combing my hair that was from a knock against a cupboard about 6 weeks ago. I put some on that each night and even that has now properly closed over. Thank you so much. I will make sure I always have some of this to hand from now on.

  4. Liz Threadgold (verified owner)

    I bought a tin of the gauntlet salve a few weeks ago and it has totally transformed my hands! I have suffered from very dry, cracked skin between my fingers for a long time and no matter how often I applied hand cream the effects wore off after a few hours; not so gauntlet! I am really impressed and can’t recommend it enough. Thank you Bathing Beauty!

  5. Carol Hartnell

    For years I had trouble with a very dry, cracked, sore patch on one of my thumbs. I was prescribed so many lotions, potions and creams by my – none of which ever really worked that well.

    I was lucky enough to stumble upon GAUNTLET by Bathing Beauty. After taking advice from George on how to use it – my poorly thumb cleared up within about 3 days.

    No gimmicks, no chemicals, just pure natural ingredients, that work! I always have a tin of GAUNTLET about my person now, and spread the word of its magic, wherever possible. I’m a complete convert!

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