Miracle Oat and Honey Soap


Miracle oat and honey soap, created for  eczema sufferers, looking for an alternative to petrochemical based products.

Made using traditional methods from natural spring water, skin healing local honey, and organic oats.



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Miracle Oat and Honey Soap

Miracle oat and honey soap is made traditionally and slowly using the  cold process method. It is the natural alternative to traditional petrochemical based Eczema washes.

Created for our son Titus, who, one weaning developed body wrappingly bad eczema.

Every prescribed and over the counter preparation seemed to aggravate his delicate skin.Desperation drove us to search for solutions.

Miracle Oat and Honey soap was the result.

Absolutely free from all parabens and sulphates, Palm, nut and fragrance oils.

This has been created to cleanse the most sensitive of skins, and is suitable for face and body.

Miracle handmade oat and honey soap

Hand made cold processed oat and honey soap

Our soaps are made using the cold processed method.

We make each bar from scratch. This allows us to have absolute control over all the ingredients and every stage of manufacturing.

These special soaps take a minimum of 4 weeks to cure.

We consider it to be the slow cooking of the beauty world!

But don’t just take our word for it, read our reviews  below!

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Featured on:

Ella Elizabeth

Skinsmatter FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2014

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Olivate (olive oil), Sodium Sunflowerate (sunflower oil), Sodium Cocoate (coconut oil), Aqua, Sodium hydroxide (Lye), Mel (honey), Avena Sativa (oats), Styrax benzoin resin. ( benzoin essential oil)


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6 thoughts on “Miracle Oat and Honey Soap

  1. I first tried this soap a year ago I have super sensitive skin and had always used simple brand products it’s fair to say I stopped buying simple and haven’t looked back don’t think of it as soap as you know it it’s moisturizing and cleansing no tightness in skin and I use only this as a face wash now

  2. all of georges soaps are amazing but this one is my favourite, my family all have sensitive skin and this is perfect, smells and feels great and doesn’t dry your skin, intact its very nourishing!! fab!!

  3. Wonderful ! A fantastic soap for sensitive skin. The biggest problem is getting hold of any, as you seem to run out as soon as it is available. Must pre-order …

  4. I’ve always suffered with Eczema and never been able to use anything other than plain, unscented, and frankly, dull soaps.
    I gave this a try and it has been a revelation. Smells divine and soothes my skin. My condition has actually seen an improvement when using this soap.

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