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10 Vegan Cruelty Free Make Up Brushes
It’s All About The Brushes.                                     Each Vegan Make up Brush has been carefully designed by Make Up artist Caroline James

It’s All About The Brushes.

A set of 10 Vegan, Cruelty Free Make up Brushes.

A collaboration between Bathing Beauty And Celebrity Make Up Artist Caroline James.

Amazingly despite modelling in Milan, Paris and London for 8 years, Founder George Jones and Caroline, never met, that is until they moved to North Wales!

It was on the Osteopathic Table, at George’s Clinic, during a Treatment session that they discovered their mutual past. George had been considering a range of makeup brushes, determined to make them cruelty free and vegan in line with Bathing Beauty’s founding principles. However she realised she was lacking the technical expertise.

Then Fate offered a helping hand, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Caroline has  20 years experience in the Industry working with talented performers such as Caro Emerald, Katie Melua, and Yoko Ono.

Such experience has allowed her to develop a range of specific brushes for each make up technique.

Each brush has been carefully created using traditional Korean brush making skills.


It has been a  painstaking process, nearly 18 months coming to fruition

Everything has been considered, the length and angle of the fibre, fulness of the head, the ability of each brush to hold and disperse the different makeup formulations.

Even the weight and thickness of the handles.

George found that despite working with some of the worlds best hair and makeup artists she was a bit lost when it came to applying her own makeup.

Caroline has spent years teaching women how to apply make up for all occasions, and was  always surprised at how little people knew. Even if they had brushes, they rarely knew how to use them to best effect.

This gave Caroline and George the great idea to put a glossary on the back of each makeup box. A mini masterclass at your mirror.

It’s All About The Brushes.

Don’t just take our word for it, this is what the bloggers and professional make up artists  think:

Elizabeth Rita Makeup artist

Galina A Curious Russian In London


Vegan Cruelty Free Make up brushes
It’s All About The Brushes. Vegan Make Up Brush Set with Mini Make up masterclass on the back.




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