Welsh Myth and Legend night- food and folklore with Huw Davies. November 1st 2019


November 1st 7pm

Welcome in the first day of winter -Calan Gaeaf.

On this night we will gather at The Source, our 15th Century Cruck Frame Barn. We will share a delicious seasonal supper and be regaled with tales of myth and legend from a time long ago by Huw Davies, master story teller.

“A liminal period between the fading of the light and the onset of winter. 
Death of the old year, birth of the new. 

But the new year is born out of that death. 

Comes into existence as darkness pushes in at the windows and the air chills the hair on ones spine. 
With the passing of the old year the hidden people are able to cross from their realm to ours, and we to theirs. 
We are nothing if we do not heed the wisdom of the past. If we are deaf to the land we tread. 
Wales, this small corner of Wales, is bristling with the half forgotten wisdom of the past. The bare bones of stories that need re fleshing and passing on to another generation ere they crumble into dust.” Huw Davies




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Our night celebrating Calan Gaeaf the first day of winter.

Our seasonal supper menu is flexible, please tell us if you have any dietary requirement

Please email bathingbeauty@btinternet.com if you have any dietary needs by October 18th.

We do not serve alcohol, should you wish to enjoy some please bring your own (and a cork screw/ bottle opener if required), we do not charge corkage


Huw has been a maker all of his working life.

A maker of Art works, book illustrations, film, large scale bronze sculptures, giant animated puppets, buildings made out of trees, storytelling, performance, and stand up comedy, Illustrated books and workshops on the myth, folklore and history of the Wales he has inherited from the last seven generations of his family to come from this small corner of the world.
Huw has worked in schools as an artist, maker and storyteller since the late 1980’s on many many hundreds of projects. His success in this field built around the understanding of how much more creative people can be when they are having fun. A simple ethos he holds to.
His work has helped secure numerous awards over the years including an
Investors in Children Award for the work he did on children’s rights with his partner Lal Davies as part of Ffilmiau Cymunedol Davies Community Films, 
and a BAFTA as part of the BBC’s Cipolwg ar Cymru/ Capture Wales Digital Storytelling Team.


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