Jones The Bones Massage Oil

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Jones the Bones Massage Oil, formulated by Founder and Osteopath George Jones to use during treatment sessions., and for her patients to take home to use in between treatments

Hand made at The Source using the purest, ethically sourced plant oils.

Free from parabens, sulphates, nut and fragrance oils.

Ideal to use after exercise or gardening. Great for runners, walkers gardeners, and cyclists.


  • Vegan Formulation. Cruelty Free
  • Made from pure plant and essential oils
  • 100% natural, Palm Oil Free.
  • Mindfully Manufactured

100ml e


Ingredients, Uses & More...




Vegan - Mindfully Manufactured - Cruelty Free



One pump is plenty for a shoulder, or knee. Use less for smaller areas.

Warm oil in your hands before massaging into to the affected area twice daily. 

Rub in well before dressing.


Vitis Vinifera, (Grapeseed oil) Hypericum Perforatum,( St John’s Wort Oil), Lavender Grosso,(Lavender essential oil,) Rosemarinus Officinalis, (Rosemary essential oil), Origanum Majorana (Marjoram essential oil) Anthemis Nobilis, (Roman Chamomile essential oil), *Limonene, *Linalool, *Citronellol *Geraniol, *Benzyl Benzoate. *naturally occurring in essential oils 



60 reviews for Jones The Bones Massage Oil

  1. Helena Canning (verified owner)

    Go to for all aches & pains following knee injury I asked my physio if there was anything I could use, She advised to try this & it works better than any of the medication rubs (ibuprofen) I have recommended this to all my family & friends who regularly buy & use it’s a must for all aging aches & pains It goes on easy feel it helping very soon & it smells good without leaving residue on your skin
    Recently recommended to the pharmacist at my GP practice who was very impressed.

    • Marie Barnes (verified owner)

      Hi Helena
      We are so pleased that you, your family & friends are enjoying our Best selling Jones the Bones Massage oil! It is so nice to hear how it is helping you, thank you so much for leaving us this lovely review.

  2. Pauline

    A go to for anyone I know with aches and pains. Love this product

    • George Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Pauline, So pleased you love our Jones the Bones Massage oil and its working on your aches and pains! Thank you.

  3. Shirley Gadsden (verified owner)

    Someone recommended Jones the Bones for easing the pain of periferal neuropathy. I have found this really helps by massaging into my toes, feet and legs at bedtime. Thanks so much.

    • George Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Shirley
      So pleased that our Jones the Bones Massage oil is helping ease your pain. Thank you for taking time out to let us know its much appreciated. x

  4. Eileen Brownhill

    I have had several bottles of Jones the Bones to ease arthritis symptoms in my knees. It has helped me on an ‘as I need it’ basis and it genuinely eases sporadic painful symptoms in my knees. It has also helped me and my friends (60’s and 70’s age group) complete two Camino pilgrimages, walking through Spain and Portugal over recent years. It is an essential part of our kit. Great product and wholly natural, which I love. ❤️

    • George Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Eileen
      How wonderful walking through Spain and Portugal... so pleased that our Jones the Bones Massage Oil has been a essential part of your kit! We love hearing how our products help people and how much they love them. Thank you so much for letting us know how its helping you... Here's to many more walks!

  5. George Jones (verified owner)

    Transcribed from contact form 140 - ML
    I first used your Muscle and Joint Oil on my knee, it worked so well that I no longer need to use it. I am now using the oil on my hip whilst I wait for a hip replacement, it eases the pain sufficiently for me to get some sleep at night.

    I think your product is fantastic, thank you.

  6. Salwey Arabella (verified owner)

    Thrilled to get this product and so excited to use it. Super efficient service. Thank uou

    • George Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Arabella
      Thank you and enjoy using Jones the Bones Massage oil.

    • George Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Arabella
      Thank you for your kind words. I am sure you are going to love using our Jones the Bones Massage oil. thank you

  7. Hilary Wilson

    Ive been using Jones the Bones for about 10 years and it's brilliant. I have arthritis in my finger joints and sometimes they are really painful. I apply the massage oil at bedtime mixed with a little hand ream which helps absorption. I then wear cotton gloves to keep my hands warm. The relief from pain is very quick and I love the smell. If I have one joint which is really bad I apply the Balm and put a plaster on it during the day to help the pain. So glad I met George at a craft fair several years ago and was introduced to her products.

    • George Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Hilary
      So pleased to hear that our Jones the Bones oil is working so well for you. Thank you for your kind words, we so love to hear how our products are helping people. thank you

  8. Kay Mathews

    Bought this recently for my husband who had a hip replacement a few years ago. He was finding the scar area was aching especially in the colder weather. He has definitely seen an improvement and had some pain relief using this. Like most men as soon as he felt better he stopped using for a while, plus the weather was warmer, but has started using again and is very pleased with Jones the Bones. Well worth trying.

    • George Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Kay
      So pleased that your husband is seeing an improvement with our Jones the Bones Massage oil. Thank you for sharing with us!

  9. Zoe

    We were introduced to this wonderful massage oil by Georgia on Wednesday. She was so helpful and informative when I explained my mom has fibromyalgia and arthritis and suggested Jones the Bones could help, and the best way to apply it.Mom has been in pain for many years. Wow! What a difference an oil makes. Can’t quite believe it. Mom has already had relief from her pain after using it. It’s made a difference physically and mentally, to have a break from the pain has put a smile in her face and sparkle back in her eyes. Fantastic, absolutely thrilled. Thank you

    • George Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Zoe,
      We are thrilled to hear that our Jones The Bones Massage oil is making such a big difference to your mum. Thank you so much for taking time out to write this lovely review. Many thanks

  10. Beth Jones

    This product is amazing. Helped me with acute lower back pain and now using for knee pain.Would highly recommended.

    • George Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Beth,
      So pleased that our Jones the Bones Massage oil is working so well for you. Thank you so much for taking time out to let us know. Much appreciated.

  11. Joanne Jones (verified owner)

    What can I say, other than this is a fantastic product. I love my ‘Jones the bones massage oil’, the results I get from using this product are brilliant. This is my first choice, over any product you can buy over the chemist counter to sort out pulled muscles and general aches and pains. The results are fantastic and all natural products. P.s. they also do it in a handy tin which is great when you are going on a holiday. Thank you Bathing Beauty for another wonderful product.

    • George Jones (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for this wonderful review. I’m absolutely delighted to read that you have found Jones The Bones so helpful too.
      Your support is very much appreciated

  12. Lara Griffiths (verified owner)

    Wouldn't ever want to be without it. Jones the Bones works wonders and has kept this aging and increasingly creaky badminton player on court. Use it twice daily on my arthritic knees and the difference is so noticeable. Top tip: I keep it in the bathroom next to the loo where I'm most often looking at my knobbly knees!!! Thank you George xxx

    • George Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Lara,
      So pleased to hear that our Jones the Bones Massage oil is helping you.
      Many thanks for your kind words

  13. George Jones (verified owner)

    Transcribed from Facebook #Lilly Rose Interiors
    Jones the Bones is simply amazing, it does what it says on the tin and so much more, better than the mass produced chemical alternatives, its all natural with no nasty additives.

  14. George Jones (verified owner)

    Transcribed from comments contact form #79 Colin Payne
    Wonderful product, would be lost without it. Wonderful courteous helpful service from Bathing Beauty.

  15. George Jones (verified owner)

    Transcribed from Comments "A wonderfully warming and relaxing product with a light fragrance. I use evening times on tight shoulders and find it very helpful." K.P.

  16. Mark Edwards

    A wonderful product, soothing and calming to use. Encourages the healing process as you massage the area.

    • George Jones (verified owner)

      I am so pleased to hear that our Jones the Bones Oil is helping you.
      Thank you so for leaving this lovely review.

  17. Caroline

    This is such a lovely oil to use. After a long run I use this oil on my muscles and joints to help prevent any stiffness or aches the day after. I initially used this to help ease a swollen ankle and it worked really well. The smell is so lovely so it's nice to use before bed, and makes your skin really soft. I'd highly recommend this.

    • George Jones (verified owner)

      I am so pleased to hear that our Jones the Bones Oil is helping you.
      Thank you so for leaving this lovely review.

  18. Sioned

    I use this product every night before going to bed, I suffer from sore hands and chilblains, especially through the winter months. My hands work really hard as a florist and it's my little thank you to them for all they do for me.It helps to sooth them, calms the itchiness and smells beautiful, most definitely my favourite daily routine.

    • George Jones (verified owner)

      Ah Sioned, I am so touched to hear that our Jones The Bones Oil is making such a difference to your hands. Thank you for sharing this good news

  19. Hannah

    Great oil! Helped my husband's chronic hip pain immediately! Look forward to trying it the next time my pain flares up too!

    • George Jones (verified owner)

      Thank you Hannah for sharing this good news!
      I’m delighted to hear Jones The Bones is helping with your husbands persistent hip pain.

  20. Louise Clancy

    My 9 year old daughter is an elite gymnast,training and competing many hours each week. She gets tightness and soreness in muscles and sometimes joint pain in her knees and ankles. Jones the Bones is magic, it really helps relieve her discomfort and it smells really nice too!

    • George Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Louise,
      I’m so pleased to hear that our Jones The Bones Oil is part of your daughters Elite Training Management. Jones The Bones Oil is a great product to help the body recover after an intensive training session or competition .
      Thank you so much for sharing this good news

  21. ALAN KENT (verified owner)

    Just received my latest order of 'Jones The Bones Balm' and the 'Muscle and Joint Oil'. Been using both for many years as and when I need to relieve pain. I've just applied the oil to my painful knee and like Magic 'relief' within 20 minutes.

    • George Jones (verified owner)

      WEll,this just makes my day!!

      I am delighted to hear that our Jones the Bones oil is still working its magic for you. Thank you for sharing

  22. D. Robertson (verified owner)

    I am always wary of using a product that I have not heard about, so I wasn't expecting good results.
    How wrong I was. Jones the Bones relieves the pain in my knee and thankfully makes life a great deal
    easier! A simply wonderful product - thank you.

    • George Jones (verified owner)

      How wonderful to hear that your knee pain has been relieve, and that you've discovered a product that makes your life easier!
      We're so glad you love the Jones the Bones massage oil as much as we do!

  23. George Jones

    (transferred from our Facebook page) "Jones the Bones I love this product so much with suffering from arthritis in hip bad knee. I use this twice a day and after exercise have been able to decrease pain killers and naproxin and enjoy my life once again thank you Bathing Beauty xx" - L. Evans

  24. George Jones

    (transferred from our Facebook page) "fabulous products i have multiple joint problems & since using jones the bones oil & bath salts i have stopped taking pain killers.i call it my miracle oil.Staff are so helpful nothing too much trouble very professional & polite .i cant recommend there products enough." - M. Ellis

  25. George Jones

    (transferred from our Facebook page) "OMG Jones the Bones oil is amazing I have used dead heat, Voteral and heat patches with no joy was introduced to the miracle oil by a friend used for 4 days on my knee could of run a marathon the next day no need for pain killers. Amazing thank you" - C. Hooper

  26. George Jones

    (transferred from our Facebook page) "I had a total knee replacement last week and my poor old quads are battered and bruised but Jones the Bones is working wonders on them . Such relief. Thanks guys." - C. Worrall

  27. George Jones

    (transferred from our Facebook page) "I got my husband the Jones for Bones Oil - WOW it is great - I love it - will have to get him another one as I have been using it - oops .
    I have had a mad neck seen a doc, been for treatment and nothing worked. I started putting this oil on before bed and it has really helped . I shall be ordering more ..." - V. Winter

  28. Jack speed

    Been using Jones the bones oil after a back injury, it doesn't take all the pain away like a magic oil, but it's reduced the pain immensely and I feel I can breathe and bend again, thanks so much Jones the bones

  29. Chris Jones

    My daughter was probably attracted by the name. I am a skinny old Jones and have painful fingers, decades of climbing wear, things your body ignores when in the bloom of youth. But when opening doors, turning taps and sometimes even holding a pint hurts - what do you do? Switch to half pints? I tell myself I am still in the bloom of youth so everything can be fixed, yes? I was prescribed pain-relieving gels. Perhaps my impatience but after two tubes I gave up. Then my daughter sent a potion in a nice bottle. Full of scepticism, but give it a whirl, nothing to lose. With patient repeated use the pain was eased; don’t expect overnight magic but JTB does work for me!

  30. Jean (verified owner)

    I’m really pleased with this product, I’ve been using it for a couple of years, it relieves the arthritis in my knees

  31. Sarah Jane

    I use it, my husband uses it and my Mum can't live without it! Great stuff, eases aches and pains and is so lovely to massage in with warm hands. My Mum has very bad arthritis in both knees and this is the only thing that works.

  32. Mardi Jamieson

    Really fab pain relieving massage oil!

  33. Annie Morley

    This stuff really works! And FAST! A small amount goes a long way, really easy to massage onto joints or muscles, it’s like a miracle oil. I use it regularly for aches and pains and also bought some for my son who suffers from back spasms. Highly recommended

  34. annecullen77 (verified owner)

    Was recommended this product by my pilates teacher to help with osteoarthritis in my knees primarily but I've been using it on my neck too. And wow what a great product this is. It is very easy to apply and is gently absorbed by the skin. It also has a pleasant smell. Most importantly though for me it works. I'm also delighted to find Bathing Beauty, I love the philosophy, customer service and ethics. Thank you!

  35. tracybreslin1 (verified owner)

    I suffer from Fibromyalgia and have a mix of joint, muscle and nerve pain. I've tried so many products over the past 2 years but THIS is something that can only be described as a MIRACLE IN A BOTTLE! As much as it doesn't completely eliminate my fibro pain, it takes the edge off and some more! It makes my 12 hour shifts much more manageable, and helps me relax and get comfortable at night - resulting in more sleep. Absolutely over the moon with this and will most definitely be a return customer! Can't wait to try the bath salts now ??

  36. Kelly Gilson

    I have osteoarthritis in my right knee and an injury to my left. Some days I can barely walk. After using Jones the bones the pain is significantly reduced and any stiffness gone meaning I can walk pain free. It works in minutes and has a lovely warming affect, not to mention that it smells gorgeous. I have been on several different types of painkillers over the years and have had six operations but nothing touches it like this product. Thank you for producing a natural product that I sincerely wouldn’t be without.

  37. emwhatto

    I love Jones Bones muscle and joint oil. I originally bought it for my boyfriend who’s gets achey knees (definitely takes the edge off) then I got into using it . I do a lot of running and find that a bath with bathing beauty baths salts after a run and using this oil if I get any aches and tweaks is keeping me in really good condition. Smells great and really works.

  38. Jacqui Cole

    Since Lockdown began, my daughter and I have been trying, with limited success, to keep our weight to a manageable amount of podge with HIIT work-outs and a return to running. My daughter would spend a good half hour before each session stretching, whinging and making excuses about how much her knees hurt until I stumbled across Jones the Bones. I was sceptical that it would make much difference, but thought it was worth a try. My daughter now has to find other excuses to put off exercises, it's raining, it's too sunny, it's Tuesday! on her recommendation, I bought myself a bottle, as being a 47 year old, built for comfort over speed, my joints are happiest in slippers and p.j's rather than running shoes and lycra. Jones the Bones has most definitely made a difference. I can't wait to be able to give a bottle to my own mum to help with her arthritic hands .

  39. Sue Beckett

    Have used Jones the Bones Muscle and Joint Oil for about 3 years since being told I would need a knee replacement at some point. So far so good - haven't had to return to clinic as this wonderful oil massaged into my knee daily seems to be keeping the scalpel and pain killers at bay. Long may this continue!

  40. Angela

    My 97 year old Mum lives alone, does all her own shopping, cooking and cleaning without any "Care Input". She is also active, walking and taking bus journeys to get out & about and enjoy a social life! - she uses JONES THE BONES OIL daily and regards it as her MIRACLE OIL - she will not be without it. The painkillers she took to ease joint pain have long been discarded , she recommends JONES THE BONES OIL to everyone!

  41. LouLouH

    I have tenosinovitis (inflammation of the sheath surrounding ligaments and tendons) in my hand and have been using jones the bones oil to rub into both plantar fasciitis of my foot . This oil provided immediate amazing relief from pain ! I no longer a struggle to use a knife and fork or scissors. Thank you for producing this amazing product.

  42. Linda Hardy

    I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis and use your brilliant oil twice a day. I felt the benefits straight away and can walk comfortably at last. Thank you George.

  43. Sally

    I was pretty sceptical that this would be of any use to be honest but I am happy to say that it does what it says on the tin! My hands and knees are much more comfortable after using this fantastic oil, it's not a miracle cure but something that comforts and soothes. That's good enough for me, better than popping pills all the time. Thank you for making this.

  44. Anne Johnson

    I am also an osteopath and use this oil with my patients but I can also recommend it from personal use. I used to dread long lists of patients as my hands were starting to ache. Since using the JTB oil regularly on my hands, I can happily treat patients all day!
    Thank you George

  45. Mavis R.

    this oil is great stuff for my bad knee i have only used it a few days but i can feel a big difference not as much pain brilliant

  46. Sharon Mccormick

    Just been told I need a new hip, have been on strong pain killer's then a friend recommended Jones the bones oil & since using it, I've not needed the pain killer's!!! Amazing stuff ❤️

  47. Christine Park

    My sister in law came out of hospital having been diagnosed with having 11 crushed vertebrae as a result of osteoporosis. She was in considerable pain with any movement especially getting in and out of bed, chairs etc. The first time she used Jones the Bones she and her husband both reported to me that the effect was almost miraculous. It has continued to be very effective in giving relief to her and she asked me to order her some more - results speak for themselves!

  48. rockbird63

    Following surgery to my knee, when I fell and broke the top of the tibia, I have been using Jones the Bones and it has helped so much. Not only on the knee, but also on my shoulder when I pulled something there which was very painful and I really needed it to work as I was on crutches, non weight bearing for 6 weeks! Thankfully it worked and helped straight away. Then, when I was allowed to weight bear, I over did walking and did something horribly painful to my achilles tendon and the oil really sorted it, helped bring the alarming amount of swelling down and got it back under control again. Thank you so much for a fabulous product.

  49. Christine

    I have used Jones the Bones for a number of years now and have relief from arthritis and do not need to take pain killers. Massage my shoulder every night and I am free of pain to sleep. Marvellous!

  50. Sally

    Again bought on a whim whilst having a bad Arthritic knee day. Comments make me hopeful and smells wonderful. Hands already easier. I’ll let you all know.

  51. Tanya Liddle (verified owner)

    I have suffered with a knee problem for a while now and wish that I’d discovered this sooner. It really helps and even though I have not been using it for long, I really feel it helping.

  52. Georgie

    Bought this product on a whim in a gift shop, thought at least it smelled nice but I can't believe how well it worked on my badly arthritic knees..
    Two atheroscopies and countless numbers of harsh drugs have nothing on this stuff!!! Reduced swelling drastically and very much helped the pain.. oh and it smells nice too! This should be prescribed on the NHS! Don't use anything else now to help my creaky joints now..

  53. Carolyne 6th Dec 2016

    My daughter gave me a bottle for a very painful knee and the relief has been instant! I am totally amazed and delighted thank you so much!

  54. Jo

    Bought for elderly relatives who suffer with arthritis and younger family who do a lot of sport. Everyone was pleased with the results, don't ever stop making this, thank you.

  55. Diane

    I have been using this product for at least 6 months especially after exercise in conjunction with Opti:5 Glucosamine gel to help with the tight muscles and arthritic pain for a total; knee replacement and my thumb joint. I don't know if this configuration works but I do feel it helps ease the tightness in my muscles. When I am in alot of pain I tend to use the oil 3 times per day.

  56. Patricia

    Bought this for my mum for her arthritic hands. She swears by it for easing the joints. I am now buying another for a friend to try on his painful hip. Will let you know his reaction.

  57. (verified owner)

    I am an Osteopath and have tried many different creams and oils over the years and i have to say this is my favorite by far. I just don't use anything else in the clinic now that i have discovered this product.
    Many of my patients have also mentioned positive results.
    Thank you George!!!!

  58. Nicole

    This oil really helped to ease my arthritis symptoms, and Improved my sleep. It smells great as well - fantastic, would really recommend.

  59. emma c

    bought for my mum who has suffered with back pain and osteoporosis for years. She found this product really helped with easing her pain and relaxing her muscles and joints! fantastic stuff highly recommend!!

  60. melanie

    Over the years I have tried many products to ease a long term back complaint this oil is by far the best one all natural ingredients and is warming and soothing on those sore spots actually does what it says on the tin

    • Katie Partridge

      Three weeks into a total knee replacement I was desperate with the pain. Used Jones the bones on ankle , shin and back of knee . Avoided the wound area. I have found it has reduced the pain and swelling in my leg and ankle needing less ice packs. It also helped with the spasm at the back of the knee. I highly recommend this product . It also smells fabulous . So comforting .

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