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  1. Wow! This product really works! I have terrible psoriasis and don’t want to use steroid creams etc due to side affects. I have found it really healing, but so gentle at the same time. I have started to use it for lots of skin problems. Couldn’t live without it now and carry a small bottle in my bag all the time.

  2. I first tried this soap a year ago I have super sensitive skin and had always used simple brand products it’s fair to say I stopped buying simple and haven’t looked back don’t think of it as soap as you know it it’s moisturizing and cleansing no tightness in skin and I use only this as a face wash now

  3. Over the years I have tried many products to ease a long term back complaint this oil is by far the best one all natural ingredients and is warming and soothing on those sore spots actually does what it says on the tin

  4. Another fabulous natural product leaves feet refreshed and moisturised great for sensitive skin as are all the bathing beauty products

  5. Another convert have always struggled with hand creams to greasy to perfumed this does none of the above super light and absorbent leaves hands soft and lasts an age as u don’t need a lot

  6. Have used clarins for years and am now completely converted to bathing beauty …… Best ever cleanser used…… Takes off makeup brilliantly …. Best using 2 really hot damp cotton wool pads and gently wiping over face.

  7. I love it!
    This product has help to improve my nails and cuticles totally beyond recognition ..I now own hands to be proud of rather than hide away. The smell of essential oils is amazing and the texture of the product so rich, you only need to use the tiniest amount, making it great value for money. Definitely one of my top ten favourite products.

  8. For years I had trouble with a very dry, cracked, sore patch on one of my thumbs. I was prescribed so many lotions, potions and creams by my – none of which ever really worked that well.

    I was lucky enough to stumble upon GAUNTLET by Bathing Beauty. After taking advice from George on how to use it – my poorly thumb cleared up within about 3 days.

    No gimmicks, no chemicals, just pure natural ingredients, that work! I always have a tin of GAUNTLET about my person now, and spread the word of its magic, wherever possible. I’m a complete convert!

  9. bought for my mum who has suffered with back pain and osteoporosis for years. She found this product really helped with easing her pain and relaxing her muscles and joints! fantastic stuff highly recommend!!

  10. all of georges soaps are amazing but this one is my favourite, my family all have sensitive skin and this is perfect, smells and feels great and doesn’t dry your skin, intact its very nourishing!! fab!!

  11. During the summer I have ‘itchy ‘ feet and have tried numerous creams but this is the only one that works.

  12. I own horses and so spend alot of time outside, abusing my hands so I need a product that is going to work – and this does – my hands are soft! Lovely.

  13. I suffer from very sensitive skin, and used to regularly get horrendous shaving rash. This has made a huge difference, so much improvement.

  14. Wonderful ! A fantastic soap for sensitive skin. The biggest problem is getting hold of any, as you seem to run out as soon as it is available. Must pre-order …

  15. I’ve always suffered with Eczema and never been able to use anything other than plain, unscented, and frankly, dull soaps.
    I gave this a try and it has been a revelation. Smells divine and soothes my skin. My condition has actually seen an improvement when using this soap.

  16. As often happens with sensitive skin, I tried our a new miracle, anti ageing product and developed a severe reaction. I was a little nervous at first at trying the soothe body oil on my red, cracked irritated skin but it was wonderful and the effect immediate. It has totally healed … And that was my face!

  17. The best facial oil on the market! I’ve tried so many high end facial oils and moisturisers and since using this my skin is the best it’s ever been.

  18. I bought a tin of the gauntlet salve a few weeks ago and it has totally transformed my hands! I have suffered from very dry, cracked skin between my fingers for a long time and no matter how often I applied hand cream the effects wore off after a few hours; not so gauntlet! I am really impressed and can’t recommend it enough. Thank you Bathing Beauty!

  19. This oil really helped to ease my arthritis symptoms, and Improved my sleep. It smells great as well – fantastic, would really recommend.

  20. Bought this at the Free From show in Liverpool a few weeks back and love it. It’s a very fine oil which I think compares well to Decleor quality. I’m a big fan of facial oils and have tried a lot of different types, the Wise Skin Anoint oil smells sublime and you don’t need much to get a noticeable effect. I have oily skin with some enlarged pores, and this oil improves the texture of the pores. Hurrah!

  21. I am an Osteopath and have tried many different creams and oils over the years and i have to say this is my favorite by far. I just don’t use anything else in the clinic now that i have discovered this product.
    Many of my patients have also mentioned positive results.
    Thank you George!!!!

  22. Wow this product is a miracle worker! I burnt my hand Saturday morning on an oven and used this on it (sample at the Allergy Show, i then made my mum buy me sone as was immediately soothing), then used again Saturday night and Sunday morning. By Sunday afternoon there was no sign of the burn at all !! Amazing. Thought we’d try it on my boyfriend’s psoriasis since it flared up Sunday night and its definitely helping with that too! Thank you x

  23. Bought this for my mum for her arthritic hands. She swears by it for easing the joints. I am now buying another for a friend to try on his painful hip. Will let you know his reaction.

  24. I have been using this product for at least 6 months especially after exercise in conjunction with Opti:5 Glucosamine gel to help with the tight muscles and arthritic pain for a total; knee replacement and my thumb joint. I don’t know if this configuration works but I do feel it helps ease the tightness in my muscles. When I am in alot of pain I tend to use the oil 3 times per day.

  25. Excellent product. I have eczema, and it’s worse when I have dry skin. Using the foot salve every day makes the skin on my feet feel smooth and nourished. Pity it’s such a small tub!

    • Hello, we are delighted that you are finding our Sock Salve helpful. Just remember, unlike other mass produced products it is water free and therefore super concentrated, less is definitely more, when using our salves!

  26. I have horrible dry feet from exercise and I have tried so many products to keep my feet moisturised. This is the only product that really works for me, after the first application I saw results the next morning. I won’t be looking back!

  27. My son burnt his hand severely on a heat lamp, used soothe straight away, then twice a day every day, never once did he complain it hurt, it soothed him and the burn has healed so well. I’ve also used it on sunburnt shoulders, took the sting away immediately and I never peeled. Would highly recommend.

  28. Bought for elderly relatives who suffer with arthritis and younger family who do a lot of sport. Everyone was pleased with the results, don’t ever stop making this, thank you.

  29. My daughter gave me a bottle for a very painful knee and the relief has been instant! I am totally amazed and delighted thank you so much!

  30. Bought this product on a whim in a gift shop, thought at least it smelled nice but I can’t believe how well it worked on my badly arthritic knees..
    Two atheroscopies and countless numbers of harsh drugs have nothing on this stuff!!! Reduced swelling drastically and very much helped the pain.. oh and it smells nice too! This should be prescribed on the NHS! Don’t use anything else now to help my creaky joints now..

  31. This is an excellent face oil. It is easily absorbed and not greasy. It smells very faintly of mandarin, a lovely and not over powering scent. It comes in a sweet glass bottle. The cap shuts properly so you don’t end up with spilt oil when you are travelling.
    I am in my early 50’s with skin that always used to feel very tight and dehydrated. I also had regular flare ups of angry and swollen spots. After using this oil, together with the universal cleansing oil, my skin was noticeably softer and less tight (immediately) and the spots gradually disappeared over the first month. The bottle of shy oil has lasted 3 months and my skin is still looking and feeling good.
    The description recommends 6-8 drops of oil but 3-4 drops is perfect for me.
    I have tried other facial oils by ‘REN’ and ‘Pai’ and ‘Balance Me’ and Shy Oil is the one that works best for me.
    I love that this product is vegan, contains only a few natural ingredients and is from a microproducer. Thank you Bathing Beauty.

  32. This product has worked wonders for my skin. I previously used cleansing milks but suffered from regular breakouts, Bathing Beauty suggested my skin was dehydrated and recommended this oil together with Shy Oil.
    I personally prefer not to use cotton wool so I put 8-10 drops of Universal Cleansing Oil onto my skin by hand and then remove with a hot cloth. This method is good for me when I don’t have much make up on; if I am removing a lot of make up I need a bit more cleansing oil, if you regularly wear a lot of make-up you might need to use a cotton wool pad too.
    The Universal Oil is unscented, light and non greasy and a pleasure to use.
    My skin is now soft and spot free, an amazing result for my previously problem skin. I truly do feel radiant. It took a month for the improvements in my skin to be clearly noticeable. The product lasts well and after 3 months I still have some left in the bottle. The bottle has a good closure and does not spill when you are travelling.
    I wish I had found Bathing Beauty sooner

  33. I have tried many products over the years for extremely dry sensitive skin on my feet, and to my amazement after only one application of Sock Foot Salve my feet felt better already. Magic!

  34. This stuff is amazing; like witchcraft!. Wounds take ages to heal on me due to some of the medications I take as well as slower healing related to ageing. 8 days ago I sustained several small cuts while at a guides and brownies holiday doing fun outdoorsy stuff. After the holiday I bought a tin of Gauntlet salve 6 days ago and have been using it at least twice a day ever since. All but the largest cut on my hands are fully healed over and even the large one is almost sorted. I have also had a small area on my head that bleeds when combing my hair that was from a knock against a cupboard about 6 weeks ago. I put some on that each night and even that has now properly closed over. Thank you so much. I will make sure I always have some of this to hand from now on.

  35. I have suffered with a knee problem for a while now and wish that I’d discovered this sooner. It really helps and even though I have not been using it for long, I really feel it helping.

  36. I love this product! It has so many uses!
    Initially I bought it to use for stress and anxiety – I rub it into my temples and pulse points, and also on my pillow/pyjamas at night. Also works wonders for headaches/migraines and sinus pain and I’m currently using it on my hand after an operation, as both a massage oil and to help heal the scar. My bottle is lasting ages too!

  37. I have used the Wise Facial Oil before and loved it – and recently got the Shy Skin Facial Oil as a gift, and Oh My Word – I love it so much! I use 5-6 drops of it after cleansing, layer it under my usual moisturiser and the result is Fabulous. In the morning my skin feels soft and smooth, and the oil gives my skin a beautiful ‘sheen’. Thanks Bathing Beauty!